Fast, Affordable, Mobile Marketing for All Devices

MYAPP integrates all your media and key content in one simple, clear vehicle.

For all the buzz about mobile marketing and multimedia, relatively few businesses play well on small screens.

If you want people to reach you via phones and tablets, you need to mobilise rapidly, or lose customers to competition.

Our custom mobile apps pull together your content, and your social media, making your messaging and branding available to every smartphone and tablet, quickly and affordably.

Rely on MYAPP to keep your custom app fresh and updated, always available, search engine-optimized and mobile-friendly.

MYAPP focuses on the vibrant restaurant, tourism, education and entertainment sectors — all visual, dynamic, and dependent on attracting, engaging and retaining customers with their content and marketing.

Your mobile presence needs to be as impressive and invested as your business is. We mobilize your business.


What can MYAPP do for your business?

Take a look at how your company appears on a few different smartphones and tablets. If it doesn’t look great, and consistent, and allow easy mobile-friendly navigation, you’re losing customers.

Many companies force prospective and current customers to go to external media sites like Facebook and YouTube to get essential information.

There it is  likely they will get distracted by content which has nothing to do with your business. So why send them there?

A customised-for-your-business MYAPP mobile app will:

  • Pull together your content, commerce and social media
  • Incorporate your branding, messaging, and media content
  • Launch in less time and money than any other mobile app
  • Play perfectly on Apple and Android phones & tablets

Use, your current web domain, or a new domain name to mobile-market your business.



MYAPP: Standard Features and Benefits

  • Custom About Us page with essential content & contact
  • Displays Facebook, Photos, News/Blogs and Video feeds
  • Uses your colors, icons, logo, and other custom branding
  • Shares to / from social media, linking back to your pages
  • Auto-updates as you add to Facebook, YouTube, Blog, etc.
  • No download needed: no need to register on any app stores
  • Distribute by links on website, emails, social media, QR code
  • Excellent SEO structure for Google search engine results

MYAPP: Pro/Store and Special Features

For added impact, upgrade to include powerful content and marketing features in additional to all the features and benefits in our standard offering.

  • Add MYAPP to App Store and Play Store for more exposure
  • Ecommerce: Add product catalog & let your customers shop
  • Custom Tabs: Add to MYAPP content from any web pages
  • Collections: Organize your offerings into groups & categories

MYAPP F&B: for Restaurants and Food/Beverage Services

Customers in the F&B industries can add powerful MYAPP
modules to attract and retain customers, including:

  • Book a table
  • Order food delivery
  • Scratch cards
  • Loyalty and gift cards
  • Coupons and discounts

MYAPP is based on the Swiftic App-Building Platform.